Tired of the Bangalore traffic and exhausted after returning from work? If you find yourself in a similar circumstance, you might want to consider ordering a meal. One out of every ten buildings on a normal Bangalore street is most likely a restaurant. However, several restaurants in Bangalore stand out from the crowd owing to their food, ambiance, reach, legendary status, or other reasons. Here is a comprehensive list of the best restaurants in Bangalore to offer you a gastronomic delight. Bi fold doors

Bangalore’s top restaurants for getting a foodgasm

1. The Only Place

Looking for an all-American staple with a few continental options? The Only Place is the only place in town that serves burgers, real steaks, apple pie, and sandwiches. The fresh vegetables and herbs utilized in the classic meals provide customers with a heartfelt delight. The welcoming atmosphere contributes to this busy old-timer, with the traditional American tablecloth and wooden chairs providing a comfortable eating experience for American cuisine enthusiasts.

2. Koshy’s Restaurant

In the changing times of Bangalore, Koshy’s has managed to retain its old-world charm. One of the few decent restaurants in Bangalore that has maintained its original formula for success and flourished in the face of fierce competition from cuisines that have arrived in Bangalore with the tide of modernity.

3. CTR

Shri Sagar CTR, is another historic and legendary breakfast spot in Bangalore, with origins dating back to independent India. While some may say that the old must give way to the hip and trendy best restaurants in Bangalore, this restaurant has defied expectations and continues to thrive at what it does best.

4. Mavalli Tiffin Room

In Bangalore, Mavalli Tiffin Room is a must-visit restaurant. This restaurant is particularly well-known for serving a variety of delectable South Indian dishes. Mavalii Tiffin Room serves practically every form of South Indian delicacy, from idli sambhar to dosa. So, if you love the flavor of sambhar, put Mavalli Tiffin Room on your bucket list.

5. Koramangala Social

Do you want to eat at a one-of-its-kind restaurants in Bangalore? Then add Koramangala Social to your list because it is recognized for its unique atmosphere. The rooftop dining experience simply elevates the eating experience. And the best news is that you get all of this for a very reasonable price.

6. Karavalli

Karavalli, located at the Gateway Hotel, offers a complete taste of Kerala’s premium dining experience. Set in the filmy atmosphere of Malayalam cinema, this restaurant serves a carefully chosen menu comprising delights from Mangalore, Coorg, and Calicut, as well as Syrian choices from Travancore. Grills in a tiffin carrier, as well as coastal curries, seafood, and wood-fired delicacies on banana leaves, are available here. Isn’t it amazing?

7. Time Traveller

This is the place to go where you can try out Chinese cuisine. This place is known for its pastas, salads, and corn soup offered at the best price. You can also try out the different dessert options, such as fruit cakes and payasams.

8. Hotel Janatha

This restaurant is on another level that is well worth the money. The restaurant is not well-known for its environment but for its delicious cuisine. It is located in the busiest shopping area in North Bangalore, near 8th Cross, Malleshwaram. The Vada Sambar, Masala Dosa, Mangalore Bajji, and coffee have all been delicious, and the taste of all of these foods will make you want more.

9. Nagarjuna

Nagarjuna has become a household name for individuals who enjoy Andhra food after establishing a successful network of restaurants across the country. Some of the characteristics used to define the famed Andhra thali served in Nagarjuna restaurants are rich, fragrant, spicy, and irresistible.

10. Truffles

Are you looking for a unique place to take that special someone without breaking the bank? Truffles is the perfect dining destination, with a cheery environment, quick service, and superb food. Everything from burgers and sandwiches to sizzlers and American snacks is available here, along with your choice of beverage in a wonderfully cool ambiance. Truffles, one of the top restaurants in Bangalore for couples, will have you going back for more.

  1. The Egg Factory

If egg dishes are your thing, as the name indicates, The Egg Factory is the place to be. Another breakfast-oriented restaurant that combines Indian and European flavors, the Egg Factory’s unique menu and experimental dishes will leave you in awe and appreciation of the chef and the restaurant.

  1. The Black Pearl

Known as India’s largest pirate-themed restaurant, visiting The Black Pearl is like visiting a little Disney World in Bangalore. The interiors are without a doubt the first thing that hooks a customer in the mood of this restaurant. The main delight at this restaurant, however, comes from its delectable barbecue meals, which provide a range of tastes and spices for your tongue. Another reason why this is one of Bangalore’s most well-known restaurants.

  1. Vidyarthi Bhavan

This restaurant is located in Basavangudi’s main shopping area and is well known. With a history of more than seventy-five years, you will always find people of all ages, even veterans, chowing down on the Benne Masala Dosa (Butter Masala Dosa), which is served with creamy coconut chutney, sambar, and other delicacies. The regulars here have an emotional attachment to this spot and the wafting scent that billows across the long lines forming in front of it.

  1. Shiros

Shiros is another excellent restaurant in Bangalore. This is a paradise for people who want to enjoy traditional Japanese cuisine. Shiros is well-known in Bangalore for producing the best Japanese sushi dishes. Furthermore, the visual appeal of this location may bring you nearer to the rich Japanese culture. So, eat in the most lavish way possible at Shiros.

  1. Treat Restaurant

Finding decent North Indian eateries in Bangalore might be difficult at times. However, Treat in Indiranagar stands out among the best food joints serving North Indian food. With a North Indian staff of cooks and an owner who understands exactly what consumers want, this restaurant provides an appealing experience of rich and delectable North Indian food.

With this list of the Bangalore’s top restaurants, install Swiggy and start ordering to taste the yummiest platter of Bangalore. The best part is, you won’t even have to wait long, as your food is going to be within 45 minutes. Treat time for your taste buds!

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